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Choosing the Best Asset Tags from Seton

The most suitable asset tag for your use will depend on the type of material it is made of and the type of asset you are applying the tag to. One kind would be ideal for laptops, electronics and processors, while others are best for bigger properties that can withstand extreme conditions outdoors. We can help you determine which tag is right for your application.

Our two most popular options: SetonGuard® and DuraGuard®.

    • SetonGuard® Property ID Plates – SetonGuard® property ID plates are ideal for identifying property that has constant exposure to harsh conditions. They are specially designed to withstand chemicals, abrasion, harsh outdoor environments and other extreme conditions. View the Product Guide


    • DuraGuard® Asset Tags – Use DuraGuard® asset tags to track and identify your company’s computers and electronics. These tags contain a protective top coat to protect against abrasion, handling and chemicals. They are tamper-evident, versatile, and can be printed with or without a barcode. View the Product Guide


Need additional security? Try Tamper Evident and Destructible Asset Tags.

    • Tamper Evident Tags allow you to immediately identify tampering. A checkerboard pattern appears on both the label and your asset when removal is attempted preventing reuse of the label. View the Product Guide

Tamper Evident

Destructible Labels

Download a PDF comparison page to determine which asset tag is right for you.

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