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Adhesive Backing Options for Asset ID Tags

Learn about the options you have for adhesive backing for asset ID tags. Sam, one of Seton’s knowledgeable sales managers, presents the choice you have.  He explains the main differences between the four adhesives so you can make the best purchasing decision.

Which Asset Tag is Best for Office Use

Are you looking for an asset tag to use in your office environment? Let Sam, one of our sales managers, explain what asset tag would work best for you—and why.

DuraGuard® Asset Tags

Seton’s DuraGuard® asset tags are constructed of metalized polyester with a universal adhesive backing that is ideal for general industrial and office use. This video explains how they can work for you.

SetonGuard® Property ID Plates

Seton’s SetonGuard® property ID plates are constructed of anodized aluminum with permanently etched text and graphics. They are specifically designed to withstand surface abrasions, extreme heat, extreme cold and chemical exposure. Learn more about their features in this video.

Tips on How to Prepare and Apply Asset Tags

Get the most out of your asset tags. This video will show you how to prepare surfaces for the application of asset tags, and how to successfully apply them.


AssetGuard PRO’s Subscription Plans

AssetGuard PRO is a subscription-based software program. You can choose from three subscription packages, depending on the number of assets you want to track. Learn more about each subscription package.

What Can I Do with AssetGuard PRO Asset Tracking Software?

Learn even more about how AssetGuard PRO asset tracking software, and how this cloud-based software solution can become a key component of your company’s asset management system.

What is AssetGuard PRO Asset Tracking Software?

AssetGuard PRO is a cloud-based service that allows you to catalog and track your company’s assets 24/7 from anywhere, quickly and easily. Learn how this software can help you create a complete asset management solution for your organization.

SetonGuard® Property ID Plates for Curved Surfaces

SetonGuard® property ID plates for curved surfaces are constructed of anodized aluminum which has undergone a specialized heat treatment process. This allows them to permanently bond to curved surfaces and ensuring corners will not lift over time.  Learn more in this video.

Destructible Asset ID Labels

Seton’s destructible asset ID labels are constructed of polyethylene with an extra strong adhesive backing. This specialized material deters theft by chipping into tiny pieces when removal is attempted. Watch this video and learn if these labels are the right choice for you.

DuraGuard® Tamper Evident Asset Tags

Seton’s DuraGuard® tamper evident asset tags prevent reuse by leaving a bight silver checkerboard pattern on the asset when removal of the tag is attempted. Constructed of rugged metalized polyester, these durable tags provide an added level of asset protection where you need it most. This video will explain if these are the most effective asset ID solution for your specific needs.


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