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What is GHS? Why was it adopted? Who has to comply with it?

“GHS” or “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals” is currently being implemented here in the United States.

Find answers to all of these and other questions to learn more about GHS solutions in this informative video from the leader in GHS compliance. Seton is your source for safety, labeling and signage, proudly providing quality safety and identification products to businesses like yours since 1956.

To fully comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (or GHS), OSHA requires all workplaces to update all of their Material Safety Data Sheets to the new 16 section SDS format.

All primary and secondary hazardous chemical container labeling must be updated to the new GHS label format… and a complete training program that makes use of GHS standards must be in place to ensure that your workers are fully aware of any and all existing and new chemical hazards in your facility.

Make everyone aware of the chemical dangers around them with Seton’s GHS Signs.

These heavy duty signs come in plastic adhesive vinyl or with magnetic backing.

You can meet stricter OSHA compliance requirements with GHS signs made with pride here in the USA and available now at

Seton’s GHS Labels, Tapes & Tags help you clearly identify GHS classes and categories for storage or shipping.

Make organizing your Tags and Labels with GHS Tag and Label Station, plus keep you pictograms in one convenient, easy-to-spot location. View more information on the video to know more.

Seton’s GHS Training Materials makes training a breeze with a wide variety of kits and tools.

The video describes how tabletop tent cards are great for lunchrooms, conference rooms and meeting spaces. It also shows how nifty and practical GHS Wallet Cards act as quick reference to workers anytime, anywhere. Watch the video for more product highlights.

Seton’s Sam answers one of the most frequently asked questions about GHS Compliance.

This video addresses “What exactly must appear on a GHS label?” Watch Sam list down the 6 elements that are required on a GHS compliant label.

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