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Labels & Decals

OSHA & Safety Labels & Decals

OSHA and safety labels enable you to comply with OSHA safety standards while keeping workers safe. These labels and decals are an effective way in which to warn employees about potential hazards and promote a safer workplace overall. OSHA and safety labels are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and messages.

Inventory & Inspection Labels & Decals

Inventory and inspection labels are available blank or with pre-printed information to keep track of inspection details. Several different types and sizes of blank labels are available, to use with a variety of different types of inspections. Tamper evident and self laminating are just some of the available choices to use for inspection or inventory applications.

Custom Labels & Decals

Seton offers custom labels that you can design to meet your exact needs and specifications. Custom labels can be used to promote your company or to identify valuable equipment in your facility. Seton offers labels for every use and environment, from economical roll-form paper labels to labels constructed of materials that can withstand extreme environments. Choose your color and type style to further customize your labels.

Label Makers, Printers and Supplies

Seton offers a wide range of printers, printing supplies and label dispensers. Make your own custom labels on the go, whenever and wherever you need them.

Not sure which printer you should choose? Check out our label maker and printer buying guide here.

Shipping & Transportation Labels & Decals

Seton’s shipping and transportation labels and decals clearly communicate special handling needs or alert handlers of hazardous contents. Seton’s extensive material handling selection includes a wide range of labeling options, such as packing list envelopes, hazmat placard labels, as well as internationally recognized shipping and handling labels.

Asset ID & Barcode Labels

Seton’s asset tags are an ideal solution to preventing the left and/or loss of your company’s most valuable assets. These property labels allow companies to safeguard property, such as computers, machinery, tools or other equipment. Seton offers a wide range of asset tags specially designed for different applications and environments. When combined with a scanner and AssetGuard PRO (a cloud-based asset tracking solution), barcoded help comprise an effective asset management solution.

Pipe Marker Labels

Seton offers custom,performance and specialty pipe markers to meet your needs. Certain styles meet all ASME requirements. Seton can help you select the right pipe markers for every job. Choose your style, size, wording and color. Seton can also assist in determining how many pipe markers you need to complete your next project.

Parking Decals & Labels

Seton offers a wide range of parking permit and parking violation labels. These labels are available in roll form, tamper evident material, with static cling, and other varieties to meet your specific needs. Barcode permits can electronically track parking areas, while parking violation labels can help discourage illegal parking practices.

Specialty Material Labels

Specialty material labels are designed for varying temperature ranges, as well as for laboratory settings and heavy machinery. These rugged labels are ideal for the most demanding work environments. Specialty material labels include ToughWash® labels, which are made with materials that are washdown resistant and metal detectable.

Compliance-GHS Labels

According to the updated Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), all companies that handle or store chemicals must comply with the new GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) standard.

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