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The Brady® Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout Device is a versatile tool that adjusts to fit multiple handle sizes from 1″ to 6 1/2″. The gate valve lockout completely encloses the handle and secures with a padlock to prevent tampering. Made from crack and abrasion resistant polypropylene these gate lockouts withstand temperatures ranging from -50°F to 300°F.



The Brady® All Purpose Cable Lockout Device offers superior versatility for a variety of lockout situations. Use it to secure a wide range of energy controls and multiple points such as valves, disconnect switches and circuit breakers. The compact lightweight body is made of rugged impact-resistant nylon with a 8ft cable in your choice of 1/8″ dia. non-conductive nylon or 3/16″ dia. rust-resistant vinyl-coated steel.



The Brady® Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout Device is versatile and easy to use. Constructed of ultra tough polypropylene, the ball valve consists of two halves that encompass a ball valve handle to secure it from inadvertent activation.




Prevent machine start up by keeping valves secured with the Brady® Butterfly Valve Lockout Device. The device securely attaches to butterfly levers at pivot points to guarantee the lever is always in the “off” position. Constructed from impact-modified nylon with brass rivets and added stainless steel plates for increased durability, the Brady® Butterfly Valve Lockout Device is suitable for heavy duty-work.



Brady® Clamp On Breaker Lockout Device eliminates accidental start-ups by locking out circuit breakers. Designed for use on most 120, 277, 480 and 600 volt single pole circuit breakers, the device is easy to install providing secure locking protection.


Eliminate the chance of accidentally putting a plug back into an outlet while performing service or maintenance with Brady® Electrical Plug Lockout Device. Made of rugged polypropylene, designed for heavy-duty application and available in sizes to fit 110-volt grounded plugs or 220-volt and 550-volt plugs.



The Brady® Gate Valve Lockout Device completely covers valve handles to prevent access – simply insert a padlock (not included). Made from rugged plastic that will not rust, chip, crack or peel these gate lockouts withstand temperatures ranging from -50°F to 360°F. The lockout device colors corresponds with ASME (ANSI) A13.1 pipe color codes. Blue for non-hazardous gas such as Argon; Green indicates a valve locked in the open position or containing non-hazardous liquid such as water. Red indicated the valve is locked in the closed position or contains fire quenching material such as Halon and yellow is for hazardous gar or liquid such as Propane.



For group lockout situations Brady® Lock Boxes save time and money and may be safer than individual lockouts. Use group lock boxes to ensure all workers have finished their maintenance activities before unlocking energy isolation points.



Brady® High-Performance Safety Padlocks offer superior temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance with a patented insulated key chamber that protects workers from shocks when a key is inserted. The 6-pin precision-machined cylinder of the security lock offers more unique key cuts creating better tamper resistance.




The Brady® Standard Ball Valve Lockout Device helps to ensure valves are closed when not in use by sandwiching the lock handle between two durable plastic pieces. A padlock can then be inserted between the two pieces and the valve is effectively locked closed.



The Brady® Universal Valve Lockout Device is lightweight and made of industrial-grade steel and nylon for extra impact and chemical resistance. The open-ended clamp fits over closed rings and wide handles to lockout valves. Ideal for locking out devices with large levers, T-handles and other hard to secure mechanical devices, the universal lockout device is available in two sizes.



The Brady® Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout provides safe, inexpensive protection with no self-locking tie needed and is effective with most major breakers that employ a tie-bar. Made of durable impact-modified nylon, these lockout devices use a thumbscrew to clamp the circuit breaker lockout securely over a tire bar. Simple snap in place then insert padlock (not included) to prevent clamp from being loosened.



This video addresses how to safely install ball valve lockout devices throughout your facility. Watch to learn the safe, secure and easy installation of these shutoff valves.


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