These digital resources are also available for Pipe Markers and Valve Tags:

Free Educational Sessions on Contractor Services

What exactly do Seton’s contractor services mean for you? Get answers to that and all your other questions in one of our free Lunch and Learn sessions. Seton experts will dive into the practical and unique elements of your job to find ways to save you time and money in an event unlike anything else in our industry.

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Why Do You Need A Lunch & Learn Session?

As a contractor, you don’t leave anything to chance. When looking for solutions to complete your job on time and under budget, you need top quality products and industry expertise. Seton provides that along with free contractor services that simplify many of your mission-critical tasks. Our Lunch and Learn sessions unpack all the details of how our services work, getting you started on a safer, more efficient way to do your job.

Here’s How It Works:

  • We will show you how to reduce labor costs–in money and time–with no-charge services.
  • You will receive information on important Seton products like pipe markers, valve tags and nameplates.
  • Seton will also provide a sample packet of products including a flash drive of all pipe and valve submittals.
  • We will even deliver a free lunch or breakfast throughout the event.

Let’s Get Started

If you have one, contact your Construction Territory Manager today to schedule your free Lunch and Learn session. Otherwise, call us at (877) 367-7732 or fill out the form below and Seton will be in touch soon.

If you are interested in a site visit, lunch and learn, take-off service or any other in-person meeting please fill out the form below:

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