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People often ask Jeff Lublin — the outside sales manager of Seton’s Pipe and Valve Marking product line — why they need to mark pipes and valves. “Well,” Jeff explains, “The bottom line is safety!” In this video, Jeff explains why you need pipe and valve marking products and how to follow the standards put in place by the American National Standards Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ANSI/ASME). Compliance with these standards is vital for providing a safe work environment in your facility.

Construction Territory Managers at Seton take great pride in knowing the needs of their customers. Utilizing their expertise of the products and industry, they are able to provide unbeatable pricing, a quick turnaround on quotes and comprehensive project submittal packages. Give them a call today to see how valuable they can be!


Seton carries a wide variety of pipe marking products made to meet your specific needs. Each of our most popular products is compliant with the ANSI/ASME A.13.1-2015 requirements for pipe identification.

Our three best-selling styles of pipe markers are Setmark® Snap-Around Pipe Markers, Opti-Code™ Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers and Ultra-Mark® High Performance Pipe Markers. In this video, we explain the benefits of each of these three styles and give demonstrations on how to properly install them on your pipes.

We’re proud to offer customers a wide variety of pipe markers to meet the needs of various applications. Pre-coiled Setmark™ Pipe Markers snap into place without any adhesives whereas Opti-Code™ Pipe Markers are durable as well as self-adhesive.

In this video, we’ll compare these two types of pipe markers to give you some guidance as to which ones you should use for your next pipe marking project. Whether you’re looking to reduce installation times or save money, we have the right pipe markers for you.


Seton’s Project Take-Off Service saves time and money when it comes to ordering and installing pipe and valve markers at your facility. For no additional cost, our pipe and valve marking experts will carefully review your facility’s mechanical drawings and provide you with a comprehensive bill of materials containing all of the items you’ll need for your project to fully meet ANSI/ASME requirements.

Once your purchase order has been submitted, you’ll receive a set of take-off documents containing detailed spreadsheets and color-coded drawings to use as installation guides. Let us do the work so you can focus on other critical steps of the construction process.

The costs of mechanical identification go beyond pipe marking solutions, which is why Seton wants to reduce your overall cost of installation with our Project Packaging Service. For no additional cost, we will organize and package your entire order of new pipe markers and valve tags by room, floor, building or almost any way you request, eliminating the need for sorting time and allowing your project to stay on time, on budget and hassle-free.

Just provide us with your specifications and we’ll produce a free submittal package for your needs.

Ensure you get approval for the safety and identification products you need with Seton’s detailed Submittal Packages. Our submittal packages help simplify your entire submittal process and are available upon request or accessible online in easy-to-download formats. Seton’s pipe marking, valve marking and equipment nameplate submittals outline products in great detail by describing them, their recommended uses, how they meets compliance standards and their size and color options.

Our Best Seller Just Got Better! With your help, we designed a new pipe marker with ease in mind. Opti-Code™ Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers now feature an easy-to-peel backing with labor-saving back slit. Seton’s unique, horizontal slit makes affixing pipe markers with neater, straighter positioning simpler than the competition’s.


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