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Safety Signs

Choosing the Right Safety Signs

In September of 2013 OSHA regulations were updated for the first time since their inception in 1971.  The ANSI 2011 standard is now offered as an alternative to the older USASI Z53 version. Both styles are compliant and each have pros and cons.

ANSI 1967 vs ANSI 2011

Whats’s the difference?

ANSI 1967 vs ANSI 2011 comparison

Choose the Best Material for your Facility

Understanding where and how your sign will be mounted will aid in your material choice.

Where is the sign going to be?

  • Will it need to withstand harsh or light-duty conditions?
  • Is the sign going to be indoors or outside?
  • Will the sign be subjected to bright or low lighting?
  • Is Seton UltraTuffTM needed for extra protection?

How will the sign be mounted?

  • On a post or a fence?
  • On a drywall or cement wall?
  • On a curved surface?
  • On the side of a company vehicle?

Safety Sign Materials Chart

How to Determine the proper viewing distance by size

Sign Viewing Distance

Mounting & Placement Recommendations:

    • Installation should be in a well-lit, easily accessible and visible location
    • Where light levels are poor, the signs should incorporate artificial lighting or reflective or photo-luminescent (glow) material as appropriate
    • Signs should be installed in the line of sight and not be obscured by doors, racks and other objects
    • Safety and fire equipment signs must be clearly visible in the immediate vicinity of the equipment
    • Signs must not create a distraction or be a hazard in themselves
    • Safety signs must not be placed on movable objects or adjacent to movable objects like doors, windows etc., which if moved, will obscure the sign
    • Faded, degraded, or damaged signs should be replaced immediately

Download the printer friendly version to keep for your reference whenever you are placing a new sign order.

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