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Safety Tags

Tags come pre-printed or blank and in different materials allowing you to choose the tag best suited for your use. One kind would be ideal for indoor environments, while others can withstand extreme conditions outdoors.  From managing inventory and equipment, to parking permit tags, Seton has the tag that is right for you.


Choosing the best Tags from Seton

  • Blank Tags – Blank tags come in a variety of high-quality materials ensuring you find the best tag for your needs. These tags allow you to easily recognize and identify your facility’s property.
  • OSHA and Safety Tags – Provide information in a format that complies with regulatory and inspection requirements.
  • Parking Tags – Allow access to authorized vehicles and easily identify unauthorized vehicles to be fined and removed. Parking Tags are the most effective form of parking control.
  • Inventory & Equipment Tags – Pre-printed Inventory Tags make inventory control easy and efficient. These tags have a reinforced hole that ensures the tag stays in place.
  • Inspection Tags – These tags allow you to check the status and records of products, equipment and machinery. Most are made from heady duty card stock, some offer a bottom tear away portion to show when an inspection has occurred.

For a comparison on different tag materials download this page to determine Which Stock and Custom Tag Material is right for you.

Download this page to learn how to set up your own Parking Permit Program


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