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Giant Custom Signs for Giant Recognition

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It’s a somewhat universally acknowledged truth that establishments need to be seen in order for a customer to find them. Businesses still require proper signage to create a brand with which people can identify. In some case, even standardized signs are not sufficient enough.

A Customized Fit

A well-crafted signage appeals to the attention of the general public. Whether the signage is to be a billboard, awning, or marquee, it has a limited window in which to call the attention of potential customers. As such, signages should be designed to identify the establishment in a unique and interesting way.

This is where generic signs often come up short. While templates may have generic appeal, they do not offer much by way of range of styles and design. Lacking this, they might not have enough to draw audiences for the long-term.

Tips for Custom Signs

Custom signs afford facilities an excellent way to leave a good impression to their customers in a way that sets them apart from competitors. While it’s true that custom signs can help make your business stand out, it’s also important to know how to set-up and design your sign. Seton offers the following tips and considerations for customizing business signs:

Since business signs must be as visible and accessible as possible, facilities should determine where potential customers are coming from. How many visitors are specifically looking for the establishment, and how many of them will be coming by chance? Either way, the sign should be clearly readable even at a considerable distance. Can it be seen from a distance? Is it readable?

To ensure this, the sign should just have enough information to make it both legible and memorable. Refer to the business in general, and make proper use of color and space.
Furthermore, the sign should be installed in a location that can properly accommodate its size and appearance. Test the sign placement by driving toward it from all directions and angles. That way, the effectiveness of your sign is as undeniable as it is unavoidable.

A Bigger Size Means Better Visibility

In instances such as these, bigger can be better.  And, to meet the demand for custom products, Seton offers Custom Giant Heavy Duty signs. Available in .080″ thick aluminum, these signs are manufactured for large, specialized locations, and can be specified to a wide range of large sizes. To maximize the longevity of these signs, optional overlaminates are also available. And, for further convenience, customers can opt for double-sided options, allowing the sign to be visible from two directions.

Seton also offers reflective sign options (non-reflective, engineer-grade reflectivity and high-intensity), allowing the sign to be located in low-visibility areas. Shipping time is within 3-5 days.

Custom signs allow for extensive product customization, giving users a breadth of flexibility that cannot be matched by generic templates. By using custom giant heavy duty signs, businesses can put signages that people can easily identify. This level of advertising helps bring about brand recognition that remains unique among their customers as well as the general public, allowing the business to stand out from similar establishments in the industry.

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  1. John

    I think most people really underestimate how much planning is actually required in the design and placement of signs for businesses. Not only that, but getting it right the first time is important, because the costs of altering or replacing a sign will likely go up with the complexity of the design. Thanks for sharing!

    • Danielle Hicks

      Hi John, we’re here to help ensure our customers get it right the first time! Thanks for stopping by!

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