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Safety Slogans: A Reminder A Day Keeps Hazards Away

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Safety slogans for the workplace are posted to serve as reminders of the importance of safe work practices and the dangers that exist when these safety rules are not followed. Whether there is a severe weather condition, harmful threat, a fire or power outage, everyone in your facility will be reminded what to do.

Workplace slogans for safety are usually short and catchy to communicate a message people can recall. Some slogans are written as a simple statement or used in an acronym. Others use puns, rhymes and humor to make them easy to remember. In just a few words, safety slogans should be able to achieve the following things:

  1. Identify a specific hazard or negative workplace behavior
  2. Point out the dangers of the hazard or negative behavior
  3. Explain how to deal with/avoid the hazard or change the negative behavior into a positive one

There are many safety slogans for you to choose from. You can even create your own safety slogan and customize it to your specific needs. Here are some of the popular types of safety sayings for the workplace to get you started:

General Slogans

These promote alertness and clear thinking in the workplace. Examples such as “Be Alert! Accidents Hurt” or “Think Safety!” are usually in quotation marks to further emphasize the message.

Specific Slogans

These safety slogans help remind workers of specific job details or procedures that may be forgotten or disregarded because of repetition or carelessness. “Hard hats, they’re not just for decoration” is an example of this type of slogan.

Slogans for Positive Attitudes

Slogans promoting positive attitudes help keep good vibes alive in the SIGN-Padlocks-270x270workplace. With depression ranking as the one of the top workplace problems, these safety slogans are not just friendly reminders. They can be lifesavers as well.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and diagrams or cartoons with safety slogans are no different. These are not just attractive and easy to understand, but also give the employee an idea of what dangerous scenarios to avoid.

Safety Slogan Mirrors

Usually made of durable mirrored plexiglas, these are functioning mirrors with safety messages superimposed on the mirror’s surface, making them easy to see and hard to ignore. You can put them anywhere, from bathrooms to locker rooms and washing stations.

Catchy safety slogans can greatly increase everyone’s drive and motivation to embrace a culture of safety in the workplace. And when you achieve a safe workplace by following workplace safety guidelines and with the aid of these nifty safety reminders, you can put more focus on other important aspects of your organization. At the end of the day, this safety slogan says it best, “When safety is first, you last.”

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