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Setting Up a Parking Permit Program

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Parking permits play a part in maintaining security at your facility. Security staff can use them to keep track of who is in your parking lot and who shouldn’t be. Learn more about ways to establish an effective program below.

Step 1: Feature Your Company
Allow security to easily determine which cars are affiliated with your company. Feature your company name or logo on your permits. Distinguish your permits with a design, color and graphics if you have no logo.

Step 2: Permit Numbering
Keep track of your permits and who has them, by using a numbering system. Make sure the number size is substantial enough to be seen without difficulty.

Step 3: Issue Warnings
Execute your permit program by obtaining violation stickers, parking tickets or warning labels. Use these items to give notification and possible fines when permits aren’t used or someone is parked unlawfully.

Step 4: Provide Instructions

Let your permit holders know as much about your program as possible. They should be informed of how to position their permit and what to do if they should mislay it. Detail the regulations such as what will happen if a car is seen without a permit once, twice or three times.

Step 5: Specify a Date or Section
Be exact. Where are the admissible parking areas? Display this on your tag and color code if necessary for various areas of a lot. You may want to add a date of how long a permit is valid. This way you can periodically check that the right people have a permit and if your information is up to date. Keep permits from being abused by ex-employees or non-employees.

Step 6: Consider Material & Type

  • Will my permits need to be durable or are they for short-term use?
  • Do I want my permits to be removed without difficulty or should they have a strong, lasting adhesive?
  • Will the permits need to be effortlessly seen at night?
  • Should the permits be placed on a bumper, window or rearview mirror?

Check out a Parking Permit Selection Guide here.

Step 7: Implement Parking Signs
Purchase and prominently set up parking signs that show your space is a PERMIT PARKING ONLY lot. Outline a tow-away policy you have set up with wording like WILL BE TOWED.

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Contributed by Elizabeth Cotnoir, Merchandising Associate at Seton.

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