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Sprucing Up Parks for Spring and Summer

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Public parks belong to everyone! That’s the idea behind New York City’s It’s My Park DayCoordinated by the City Parks Foundation, this program is working with roughly 300 community groups to improve and beautify public spaces. Activities include mulching, litter pick-up, tree planting, and educational shows and lectures. The events foster a sense of community and encourage the protection of public spaces, parks and public squares.

It’s important that you do the same for your own parks and public spaces this spring before they become crowded with visitors. Check signs for damage and make sure the information is up-to-date and meets the needs of visitors. Replace damaged signs, and make sure restrooms, pedestrian zones, and areas for trash are clearly marked.

Use park signs to make your spaces as safe and pleasant as possible. Mount pedestrian signs to protect your public spaces from accidents, encourage your visitors to follow the law, and improve the experience for everyone. Since children are frequent park visitors, speed bumps and crosswalk centers are a good idea.

If your park allows pets, post pet signs to encourage visitors to curb their pets. Put up trash signs to remind picnickers to clean up their mess. Doing this reduces pressure on the cleaning staff while simultaneously improving your visitors’ attachment to the area. Carefully place the pet signs and trash signs at entrances and high-traffic areas to improve the signs’ visibility and inform guests of the rules.

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