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Going Green

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Hearing so much about how our environment is in danger, you might wonder what you as a business owner or employee can do to participate in going green. Here are some ideas to get you going.

1. Bring more attention to the cause. Post signs and labels that are helpful reminders to your employees to recycle in your establishment. Talk to and train your staff about making a conscious effort to dispose of waste properly. Ask employees to be thinking of more ideas for being kind to the environment.

2. Use materials that are eco-friendly. Find companies who supply green products that are 100% recyclable or at least contain 50% post-consumer recycled materials. This can be anything from paper to signs, tags, and padlocks.

BONUS: Using these kinds of items also helps you be LEED-certified.

3. Use materials that have already been used. Think of supplies or equipment you could acquire that are used and still workable. Thankfully with websites like Craigslist and eBay you can find thousands of secondhand items. Newspaper classifieds can also help or maybe an online forum for others in your industry.

BONUS: This can save you money too!

4. Incorporate an organized recycling program in your facility. Provide special recycling bins especially for recycling products that are separate from trash bins. This gives people the opportunity to recycle as they might not always be thinking about it. Research to see if there are items you can recycle that you aren’t already.

5. Find outside recycling centers to dispose of special pieces. Heavy equipment and office furniture is not something you can necessarily place in your recycle bin. Locate recycling centers that have know-how in your area and bring these objects there. Or,  you can always donate items to a non-profit organization.

Contributed by Elizabeth Cotnoir, Merchandising Associate at Seton.

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