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AED Accessories

AED accessories keep your defibrillators clean, safe and ready to use

AED accessories are necessary for the general upkeep of your facility’s AEDs. As these first aid accessories are relatively delicate, it’s best to keep AEDs in a proper carrying case, preferably one that can keep this important piece of equipment dry. Another defibrillator accessory that’s important to its functionality is a spare battery. Always keep a spare AED battery handy to ensure the equipment will always do what it’s supposed to do – save lives.

Replacement AED batteries ensure your AED is always running.

Since your automated emergency defibrillator runs on batteries, it’s essential that you keep a spare battery handy as in case your AED’s main battery’s power has weakened or is expired. Be sure to choose a spare that has a separate battery to power the machine’s self tests as this can drain the main battery.

AED cases protect your investment.

AEDs can be considered a major investment in the safety of your workers. AED cases ensure your investment is protected against dust and shock.. Some AED cases are actually water resistant, further protecting your AED from moisture damage.

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