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CPR Posters

Remind personnel of proper CPR procedures

Augment your CPR training program with CPR posters. Post these first aid posters in and around our facility to remind personnel of how to properly administer CPR. CPR posters work like infographics on your facility wall instructing your personnel on proper CPR techniques. This is especially important in cases of emergencies. CPR posters also feature easy to follow instructions that your personnel could read helping them brush up on their CPR knowledge.

Emergencies can occasionally cause those in the midst of these situations to panic. This is of course not ideal since there could be a tendency to forget certain procedures, even life-saving ones if one is panicking. CPR posters are useful in that these can act as a resource for those confronted with having to perform CPR and the situation is tense. This is because CPR posters are designed to be easily understood even at a glance. Post these first aid posters in and around your facility, especially in areas where your personnel gather to relax, like in break rooms or pantries. This way, these posters can be often read, helping your personnel to brush up on their CPR knowledge.

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