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CPR Rescue Aids

CPR aids let you perform mouth-to-mouth and cpr more efficiently and safely

CPR or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is the first aid technique necessary for a worker who has suffered an accident that causes his or her heartbeat and breathing to stop. The exchange of bodily fluids – particularly saliva – during the course of administering CPR is a common hazard. This opens up the question of diseases being potentially transferred. CPR rescue aids such as CPR rescue breathers can prevent this by providing a barrier between the victim and the rescuer.

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3 Products

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One concern with giving CPR is the possibility of infection. While cases of emergency health care workers contracting a serious infection due to giving CPR or plain mouth-to-mouth resuscitation are anecdotal at best, the possibility still exists to warrant using extra precaution when performing this life-saving first aid procedure. One such precaution is to use CPR rescue aids. A good example is a CPR rescue breather. This CPR equipment prevents the potential transfer of saliva by acting as a shield. This CPR rescue aid also enables more efficient resuscitation procedures through its design, namely the inclusion of a one way valve.

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