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First Aid Instruments

First aid instruments are important to any well stocked first aid kit

Keeping high quality first aid instruments is important when stocking up your first aid kits. These items make for easier treatments since you don’t have to struggle with getting your tools to work and can focus on the patient and procedures. Augment your kits with our collection of scissors, thermometers, safety pins, gloves, and applicators to ensure that your employees will be getting the best devices possible.

14 Products

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  • Lister Bandage Scissors

    Starting at $1.33
  • Dynarex® Cotton Tipped Applicators

    Starting at $6.13
    Box of 100 Each
  • Zulco Fieldtex Tweezers 73

    Pack of 10 Each
14 Products

Grid List

First aid instruments are necessary in providing the best care to injured workers. High quality items will prevent any breakage during any medical procedure and will insure that the people treating the patient can focus on the task at hand rather than worrying if their tools will be adequate to do the job. It is important to keep on hand a variety of tools including scissors for cutting bandages, safety pins for affixing bandages and slings, various applicators to deliver medicine to the necessary areas without contaminating the wound, and more. With that in mind check out our selection of first aid instruments.

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