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First Aid Tweezers

Handle small items without hassle

Tweezers are designed to pick up or extract objects that are too small to be handled with bare hands. Besides first-aid applications, tweezers can be quite useful for work involving small electronic parts, particularly surface-mount items, as well as mechanical parts of industrial mechanisms. Supply your workplace with tools for working efficiently with small objects from Seton’s line of Tweezers. Choose the best for your needs from our selection today.

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  • Zulco Fieldtex Tweezers 73

    Pack of 10 Each
3 Products

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When choosing tweezers, make sure to buy those that provide good grip, in order to avoid slipping. Consider material as well, and what they will be used for. Slant-edged tweezers often work better than straight-edged tweezers for pulling out extremely small items, such as slivers embedded in skin. In such an instance, hold the tweezers in your dominant hand with your thumb and index finger on each prong, and pull gently but quickly. For you to work efficiently in such cases, Seton offers you various Tweezers to choose from. Make your selection from our range of options today.

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