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First Aid Kits & First Aid Stations

Treat workplace injuries and illnesses before emergency medical treatment arrives

While it is always ideal to make sure accidents don’t happen in the workplace, it's also wise to be prepared for one. To this end, always install first aid kits & stations in and around your facility. A well-stocked and easily accessible first aid kit ensures your personnel are given the right emergency treatment in the event of any accident. Also, be sure the kits you chose follow OSHA first aid kit requirements.

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OSHA's standard 1910.151.b requires "Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available" for the treatment of injured personnel. Since workplaces vary in size, location and the type of hazards present, you should assess your facility in relation to these factors. OSHA's standard for a basic first aid kit references the ANSI standard, Z308.1 (minimum requirements for workplace first aid kits and supplies.) As per this standard, some of the basic first aid supplies you will need are:
1. Absorbent compress
2. Adhesive bandages
3. Adhesive tape
4. Antibiotics
5. Antiseptics
6. Burn treatment
7. Sterile pads
8. Triangular bandages
9. First aid guide
10. Exam gloves

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