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Poison Ivy/Oak Treatment

Treat allergic reactions conveniently and effectively

Poison Ivy/Oak allergic reactions result from exposure to urushiol oil, which is found in these plants. Lawnmowers and trimmers can increase the potential for exposure by making the substance airborne. Contact with these plants can result in rashes that could take at least three weeks to heal completely. Make sure to be prepared for instances of allergic reactions to Poison Ivy/Oak. Choose the best first aid treatment from Seton’s range of options today.

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  1. IvyX Post-Contact Skin Cleanser 84640

    Handy poison oak treatment provides excellent protection

    Box of 25 Each


1 Products

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When treating the effects of Poison Ivy/Oak, it's best to clean the affected area using alcohol, and rinsing afterwards with cold water. Soap is not recommended, since the oil could stick to the soap and be spread to other parts of the body, or even to subsequent users. Hot water is also not recommended, as this can cause the oil to seep further into skin pores. Scratching also spreads the oil, as well as aggravating the rash and damaging the skin, making the area more susceptible to infection. Instead, treat rashes properly with the best Poison Ivy/Oak remedies from Seton.

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