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Knuckle Bandages & Fingertip Bandages

Specialized bandages for injuries on knuckles and fingertips

The knuckles and fingertips are relatively irregularly shaped when compared to other parts of the body. These two parts are also arguably the body parts most prone to injuries. If a cut or a scrape occurs to any of these two parts, applying a regular bandage to the injury can limit their movement. For injuries to these parts, knuckle and fingertip bandages are what you need as these types of bandages are shaped in a way that provides maximum protection while allowing almost full finger movement.

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7 Products

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Knuckle and fingertip bandages are specialty first aid equipment for treating cuts, scrapes and abrasions to the knuckles and fingertips. The main difference between knuckle and fingertip bandages and regular bandages is in their shape. Knuckle bandages are shaped like an "H" while fingertip bandages are shaped like an hourglass. Both allow more movement of the injured area - typically fingers - as compared to if the injury were dressed with a regular bandage.

That being said, you could use these bandages on injuries other than the knuckle or fingertips. For example, knuckle bandages can be used to protect heel blisters. Fingertip bandages for their part can be used to dress a wound on the base of the thumb.