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Surgical Tapes

Effectively keep bandages secure

Tapes are among the most versatile of first aid/medical supplies. They can be used to secure bandages in place, help splint fractures or even cover blisters. Small strips can be used to close lacerations while waiting for medical personnel to provide proper stitching up. Designed to let the skin breathe and leave as little adhesive as possible, tapes come in various materials to suit different needs. Choose the best one from Seton’s options today.

7 Products

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  • Jaybird & Mais® Tape

    Starting at $6.86
    Pack of 24 Each
  • Jaybird & Mais® Pro-White® Tape

    Starting at $6.58
    Box of 24 Each
  • Dynarex® Cloth Surgical Tape

    Starting at $14.19
    Box of 12 Each
  • Dynarex® Clear Surgical Tape

    Box of 12 Each
7 Products

Grid List

Tapes usually come with a hypoallergenic adhesive designed to bind firmly onto various surfaces, whether these be skin, dressing materials, or other layers of tape. This permits air to reach the skin, making the material ‘breathable'. Some types are often used by athletes to add a non-slip surface to objects such as tennis racquets, hockey and lacrosse sticks, and other items. Surgical tape contains zinc oxide, to help prevent infections. Make sure to have the best first aid supplies on hand for your needs. Select the best Tapes from Seton's range of options today.

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