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Secure lockout devices with safety padlocks

Padlocks are one of the most versatile and essential tools you will need in lockout applications. High security padlocks work in conjunction with the appropriate lockout device to secure anything from circuit breakers to power plugs.

Seton offers different keying options such as keyed differently, keyed alike, and master-keyed, manufactured by trusted brands such as Master Lock®, American Lock®, Brady®, etc. Choose the best option and brand of padlocks suitable for your lockout needs.

303 Products

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  1. Brady Blue Compact Safety Padlock - Keyed Different - 1" Shackle (123325)

    Prevent electrocution in your workplace by using non-conductive shackle locks



  2. Keyed Alike Steel Master Lock Padlock Set

    Steel Master™ Lock sets keep each department assigned to the same color-coded set. 2" shackle length blue keyed-alike master padlock set, 3 locks per set.


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303 Products

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Padlocks come with different keying options, namely: keyed differently, keyed alike, and master keyed. Keyed differently are individual security padlocks with corresponding keys. In short, a key for one lock should not be able to open any other lock.

A keyed alike padlock set, on the other hand, can be opened by a single key. The padlocks have the same locking cylinders, which makes it convenient for an authorized personnel to carry just one key for multiple padlocks.

High security padlocks with a master key actually have different locking cylinders just like padlocks keyed differently. The only difference is that this padlock set includes a master key that can unlock all the padlocks in the group, allowing a supervisor or superior to unlock a padlock in case of emergencies.