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Provide workers with movement control for secure fall protection

Descenders offer users with maximum control and versatility in performing their tasks. Made for use in work scenarios requiring height access, rescue and intervention, these devices are ideal for tasks where the individual needs particular control of his descent, and in some cases hold the wearer's position at a particular point. With some variants made to support up to 250kg (around 550 lbs), descenders are valuable equipment in emergency response. Choose the best option from Seton today.

Employers are required by OSHA to provide employees with prompt rescue should a fall or similar accidents occur. To accomplish this, facilities should be supplied with the proper equipment for emergency response.

One of the reasons that rescue programs are crucial in workplaces that rely on fall protection system is suspension trauma. This happens when the body is held upright while remaining motionless for a certain period of time. This puts the person in danger of fatigue, hypothermia and traumatic brain injury, all of which can occur within minutes. As such, it is important that facilities are supplied with the proper ropes, descenders and other safety equipment. Select the best options for your needs from Seton.