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Protecta Harness

Economical fall protection equipment that doesn't sacrifice safety

With over 5 decades of experience, Protecta offers a line of fall protection harnesses designed to provide superior protection from falls with exceptional value. Protecta harnesses have been designed to feature improved fit, new colors, and durable yet lightweight construction. All these elements come together to give you reduced worker fatigue resulting in increased productivity. Some features include an ergonomic design, impact indicators, serial numbers for easy monitoring of your equipment and durable steel hardware all in a very competitively priced package.

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  1. Protecta® PRO™ Construction Harness 1191209

    Exceptional, lightweight safety harness



1 Products

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You can be assured your Protecta harness will keep your workers safe from any and all fall hazards. However, safety from falls do not end once you've provided your workers with the proper Protecta full body harnesses, lanyards, anchors and other fall arrest equipment. You should also consider a rescue program. Remember that workers who've been in a fall, even if they are in a harness may not necessarily be able to rescue themselves. Rescue and retrieval equipment such as ladder trucks should be standing by. Also be sure medical and rescue teams can arrive at the scene of the accident fast.

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