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Vertical Lifelines

Effectively reduce fall hazards while providing ease of movement

Vertical Lifelines are designed to allow movement up and down the whole length of the line. This means that the wearer no longer needs to disconnect while making their ascent or descent. Vertical lifelines are generally used with rope grabs, by which users propel themselves along the line. If a fall should occur, the rope grabs are designed to automatically lock on the lifeline, thus arresting the fall. As such, it is important to provide employees with durable vertical lifelines on the market. Choose the best options for your needs from Seton.

Lifelines are comprised of various components. They make use of a flexible line as a connection to the anchorage in order for the wearer to hang vertically. Anchorages supporting the worker and are generally the most secure point of lifelines. The line also connects the other components of the lifeline system to the anchorage, such as connectors. Connectors are devices that hold the other parts of the fall protection system together. Variants include carabiners, hooks, and D-rings.

Maintain worker safety in the establishment with the proper equipment. Choose the best vertical lifelines and other safety devices for your needs from Seton today.