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Vinyl Gloves

Supply your facility with alternatives to latex gloves

Vinyl Gloves are chemical-resistant gloves that are made for those who cannot use latex gloves. The prevalence of latex allergies have required glove manufacturers to produce gloves that are made from alternative materials. As such, vinyl gloves make use of a synthetically derived polymer material known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This allows manufacturers to produce relatively inexpensive to gloves without the involving the risk of latex allergies. Select the best Vinyl Gloves from Seton’s options today.

Vinyl gloves are important work safety supplies, used for hand protection in different work environments because of their proven effectiveness in preventing various work hazards. These include harmful chemicals and infection caused by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Vinyl gloves are typically used in the food industry, where durability and protection requirements are not as high as in other industries. However, their inexpensive production allows them to be sold at cheaper prices, thus providing a significant advantage over other variants. To further reduce hassle, vinyl gloves are manufactured with cornstarch or other light powders in the interior, which makes them easier to wear.

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