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Disposable Latex Gloves

Disposable latex gloves ensure sterile conditions for both surgical and medical procedures

Disposable latex gloves has long been the standard when it comes to medical gloves. Traditionally, these gloves have been used in the medical field for medical examinations and procedures. These gloves mainly prevent caregiver and patient cross-contamination and helps protect the caregivers from blood, saliva, and excrement. While other alternative materials for medical gloves have been introduced, latex gloves are still the gold standard for surgical procedures since other materials have not yet surpassed the fine control and feel of latex gloves not to mention the lower price point these gloves provide.

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  • Disposable Gloves

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  • Kimberly-Clark Disposable Gloves

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  • Ansell Microflex® L91 Latex Gloves

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4 Products

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Despite the increase in latex allergies among the medical community, disposable latex gloves still remains one of the best choices for both examinations and procedures. Designed as a way to prevent cross-contamination between caregiver and patient, these gloves provide superior control and tactile feel as compared to other alternatives on the market. It doesn't hurt that the low cost of these gloves makes it particularly attractive to hospitals and various medical facilities as well.

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