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Coated Gloves

Coated gloves provide superior feel and grip while remaining chemical resistant

Coated gloves, which combine an inner knitted lining with an outer rubberized coating provide the user with superior feel and dexterity as compared to using standard rubber gloves. In addition, the rubber outer coating provides good chemical and liquid protection to the user that plain knitted gloves can’t match. Coated gloves are essentially the best of both worlds and an important part in the arsenal of any worker. So what are you waiting for, check out our selection of gloves and pick some up for yourself and your team today!

11 Products

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  • Ansell HyFlex® Lite Gloves

    Starting at $33.06
    Dozen of 12 Pairs
  • Jackson Safety® G40 Nitrile-Coated Work Gloves

    Starting at $51.64
    Box of 12 Pairs
  • PIP® MaxiFlex® Gloves 34-874LE

    Pack of 12 Pairs
  • Showa® High Performance Gloves

    Starting at $25.77
    Pack of 12 Each
11 Products

Grid List

The comfort of knitted gloves while providing the protection of rubber gloves - that's a coated glove in a nutshell. Coated gloves provide ample dexterity and feel for delicate tasks while insulating the user from various dangers. These also provide superior grip to ensure that you don't drop anything accidentally, a must for those times when speed is of the essence. So if that sounds like a good deal to you, well, we have to say that it really is. Go pick yourself up a pair and feel the difference today.

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