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Oil Rig Gloves

Oil rig gloves are designed to weather the tough environment and wear on offshore platforms and drilling rigs

Working on oil rigs requires specialized equipment and gear, that includes gloves as well. More often than not, oil rig gloves are made tougher than the average work gloves. Aside from providing hand protection, the gloves themselves also ensure a firm grip on oil covered materials. Some gloves are made from exotic materials such as Kevlar or polyurethane while other are made from a combination of materials to try and make them as versatile as possible. Regardless of what materials though, if you or your staff work on an oil rig, these are must have items. Pick up a pair or two today.

Oil rig gloves are a must have for workers on oil rigs. Durable and tough, these gloves will withstand more abuse than the average glove and keep coming back for more. Aside from providing great hand protection, these gloves also provide good grip and allow for a reasonable amount of dexterity when doing relatively delicate tasks. As expected the gloves are also oil proof or at the very least oil resistant so getting them dirty on the oil rig shouldn't be a problem.