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Faceshields and Headgear

Total face protection for your workers

Protect your worker’s face from injuries caused by flying debris or electrical sparks with reliable face shields. Full face shield or mask is often required when on-the-job hazards include flying objects, chemical or biohazard splashes, and electrical sparks. Seton’s selection of visors and headgear meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards for high impact.

These head protection devices can fit over your prescription or safely glasses easily. The relatively wide gap between the face and shield allows air to circulate reducing the instances of fogging, giving the wearer clear vision.

ANSI considers face shields secondary protection that are meant to be used in addition to a primary protector such as ANSI Z87.1 approved safety glasses or goggles. Learn why you should use safety glasses or goggles with your faceshield.

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  1. MSA V-Gard® Contoured Visor for V-Gard Frames

    Attach an MSA visor for your V-Gard helmet for comprehensive face protection Learn More
  2. Uvex™ Bionic® Faceshields S8550

    Head and neck strain-reducing faceshields Learn More
  3. $26.38
  4. 3M® Faceshield Windows 82701-00000

    Face shields for high-impact, splash-resistant face protection Learn More
  5. Bullard® Mesh Visors 8S24

    High-impact mesh visor for industrial applications Learn More
  6. Jackson Safety* F60 Wire Mesh Face Shield 29055

    Face shield that dissipates heat and allows air flow Learn More
  7. Jackson Safety® Kimberly Clark* Cap Adapter and Capshield 14945

    Easily installed accessories suitable for Jackson® hard hats Learn More
  8. MCR Safety Faceshields 181541

    Easy to fit face shield for full face protection Learn More
  9. Oberon® TCG Series Arcshield PPE2+ Red Ratchet Hard Cap

    TCG ArcShield provides comfort and protection of wearer's entire face Learn More
  10. Oberon® Premium CAT4® Series Hood

    Provide the ultimate arc protection to your workers with ppe hood Learn More
  11. Uvex™ Bionic® Faceshields

    Head and neck strain-reducing faceshields Learn More
    Starting at $27.22
  12. Oberon® Aramid Blend Balaclava (ATPV 14 Cal)

    Protect worker from electrical hazards with arc shielding Learn More
    Starting at $52.99
  13. Fibre-Metal® Face Shield Headgears

    Comfortable, lightweight head protection Learn More
    Starting at $16.68
  14. MSA V-Gard® Frames

    Frame that works with a wide range of protective equipment Learn More
    Starting at $10.66
  15. Oberon® Arc Flash Contractor Kit

    Arc flash kits provide overall worker protection from arc flash hazards Learn More
  16. Oberon® Economy Arc Flash Contractor Kit

    Economy contractor kits makes arc flash safety compliance easy and affordable Learn More
  17. Jackson Safety* F30 Acetate Face Shield Windows

    Meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards for secondary eye protection Learn More
    Starting at $8.73
  18. Bullard® Visors

    High-impact visors provide superior face protection Learn More
    Starting at $7.14
  19. Fibre-Metal® High-Performance Face Shield Windows

    Great degree of face protection from dust, dirt and debris Learn More
    Starting at $6.96

19 Item(s)

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