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Back Supports

Prevent slipped disc and other back injuries

Heavy lifting is a workplace task common to a lot of industries, including construction, shipping, warehouse management and mining. Improper lifting technique or lifting something that’s just too heavy can result in injuries to the back. Back supports are necessary for prevention of common back injuries like herniated disk, sprains and strains and fractures, all of which can be caused by heavy lifting. We carry back supports by brands like Ergodyne and Occunomix all designed for ease of use and full adjustability.

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Back braces work by providing additional support to your lower back, reducing some degree of strain when you lift heavy objects. However, it is very important to remember that back supports will not enable you to lift heavier objects. In fact, while back braces can help prevent back injuries, these should be used in conjunction with other hazard control methods. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) makes a number of suggestions as to how to prevent back injuries, including:

1. Heavy loads should be lifted by two or more personnel.
2. Extremely heavy objects should be lifted using mechanical lifting equipment.
3. Rather than lifting several objects all at once, divide the number of items to be lifted to reduce the individual load.

Although not mentioned by OSHA specifically, you could also set limits as to how much an individual can lift at a time, as well as train your personnel on proper lifting techniques and lifting mechanics.

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