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Elbow Supports

Provide reliable immobilization and protection against injury

Elbow Braces are important instruments that are useful when dealing with mild soreness in the elbow. As such, these ergonomics supports are crucial in relieving the symptoms of painful elbow conditions such as golfers elbow and tennis elbow. Designed to apply pressure on the muscles below the elbow these braces help lessen stress on the tendons. These medical supports also help prevent nerves from sending pain signals, and help protect the patient from incurring additional injuries. Select the best elbow wrap for your needs from Seton.

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  • Ergodyne® ProFlex® Elbow Support

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2 Products

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The elbow area is comprised of various muscles and tendons. This makes the area prone to inflammation, known as tendinitis, especially as the person advances in age. When exposed to activities that involve repetitive motion, tendons in the elbow can become inflamed, resulting in some serious pain. In some instances, this causes mobility in the wrist and hands to become impaired.

Tennis Elbow, otherwise known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is a condition that typically results in elbow pain, which is usually felt along the forearm stemming from the bony part of the elbow. Elbow pain can also result when the elbow is held straight while moving the hand forward and back. Tennis Elbow is usually caused by activities that involve prolonged gripping, as well as various repetitive motions. These activities range from typing to painting and gardening. As such, this condition affects more people than just tennis players.

Patients suffering from this and similar inflammations can take seven or eight months to heal. Healing may necessitate anti-inflammatory medications, wearing elbow braces, and physical therapy.

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