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A NEW Product that Will Make You Rethink your Warning Signage

Flag hazards and communicate temporary safety warnings with the Seton 360 floor stand: an exclusive, innovative product that will ensure your safety graphics remains visible at all times

Why choose the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

360° Visibility
360° Visibility

Unique shape with 8 highly visible symbols

3 symbols
3 symbols to choose from

No Access, Slippery Surface, General Hazard

Easy to assemble

Supplied in 2 parts, simply slots together

Easy to carry

Lightweight with an ergonomic handle

Never falls over
Never falls over

Unique design, always remains upright

Create a safety carrier

Can be interlinked to create the barrier length you need

Multiple applications

For indoor use to warn of the most common hazards

Easy to store

Stores away flat when not in use

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Discover the Seton 360 Floor Stand

Discover the Seton 360 Floor Stand

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How is this sign different than a conventional floor stand?

By remaining upright - even after an impact - this floor stand will ensure your safety message can be read from 360° from any angle or vantage point, while a conventional floor stand displays messages on only two sides.

How does the Seton 360 Floor Stand work?

With its unique ergonomic design, the floor stand can effortlessly revert itself. Each of the four rounded "feet" display common safety symbols on the front and back. The stand can rotate from one foot to another if hit or knocked over; one foot will move to a vertical position with the symbol facing upwards, keeping your safety message visible.

How to use your new innovative floor stand

The floor sign is designed for temporary use, which means it needs to be quick and easy to assemble. It consists of two separate parts that can be easily clipped together without any additional tools or hardware.

Once the two parts are interlocked, the product is ready to use. All you have to do is set up the floor stand in any position near the area that needs to be secured in order to prevent accidents.

Step 1 - Installing the Seton 360 Floor Stand
Step 2 - Installing the Seton 360 Floor Stand
Step 3 - Installing the Seton 360 Floor Stand

How long can the Seton 360 Floor Stand stay in place?

While this product can be left in place for several days or weeks in a row, do not forget that it is essentially intended for use as a temporary barrier.

Make sure your floor stands are easily accessible to quickly warn others of sudden or temporary safety hazards. If there are long-term hazards, consider using other barricades to keep everyone safe.

What risks can the Seton 360 Floor Stand warn against?

Our floor sign is available in 3 models to address multiple common hazards in the workplace.

The Seton 360 Floor Stand - Slippery Surface

Seton 360 Floor Stand - Slipper surface

Purpose: Warn others of potentially wet, slippery floors.

When should it be used? When cleaning floors in offices during cleanups of spills or water leaks, and other situations involving unexpected slippery surfaces. Help your employees recognize the risk of slips and falls or other potential accidents and injuries.

In short: Compliant with the international ISO 7010 standard, everyone can easily understand the slippery surface symbol.

The Seton 360 Floor Stand - General Hazard

Seton 360 Floor Stand - General Hazard

Purpose: The all-purpose warning, perfect for attracting everyones attention.

When should it be used? Alert others to all types of risks, including works in progress; heavy machinery traffic; potential obstacles; electrical, thermal, or chemical hazards; and more.

In short: When the ISO 7010 certified hazard symbol is easily visible, your employees will be increasingly vigilant, and the risk of accidents will be reduced.

The Seton 360 Floor Stand - No access to unauthorized persons

Seton 360 Floor Stand - No Access

Purpose: To encourage unauthorized persons to not go any farther.

When should it be used? Prevent access to potentially hazardous work areas, reserved spaces, temporary inaccessible locations, and other private or dangerous environments.

In short: Ensure the safety of others and maintain the confidentiality or integrity of your workplace and equipment by preventing unwanted entries.

In what circumstances can I use the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

Risks are inevitable in nearly any work environment, including warehouses, offices, and municipalities.

Our exclusive floor stand can be used in any location where reliable safety signs are temporarily.

Can I use the Seton 360 Floor Stand outside?

Made from polypropylene, the lightweight floor stand weighs just over one pound. Your employees will not be injured if they accidentally bump into it.

However, because it is lightweight, it should not be used outside and is best used as an office or warehouse safety sign. Strong gusts of wind or inclement weather conditions could move the sign away from the hazardous area or potentially damage it.

How do you carry the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

Our teams have designed the floor stand with practicality in mind. This product is light so that one person can carry it and assemble it on their own.

In addition, there is a carry handle on each foot. Ergonomically designed, you can easily grasp each part of the sign so can you can carry it effortlessly.

Carrying the Seton 360 Floor Stand

How do you store the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

Once the hazard is removed, the ground is dry, or access is reauthorized in a certain area, it's important for you to be able to quickly remove the floor stand until the next time it needs to be used. Not only is the product easy to assemble, but it's also simple to put away.

All you have to do is to separate the two parts to store them flat. They are fitted with interlocking ends so that they can be attached to each other to avoid losing them. Once dismantled, the Seton 360 Floor Stand only measures 1.5 Ft. H x 1.5 Ft. W. When put away, much less storage space is needed.

Can I temporarily prevent access to a hazardous area using the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

Providing a visual warning of an impeding hazard is not always enough, and it can be helpful to prevent others from ignoring the hazard by blocking access until it has been removed.

In addition to their main signaling purpose, these floor stands provide the opportunity to create a security barrier. Each sign includes a notch that allows two Seton 360 Floor Stands to be connected to each other. That way, you can create a physical barrier of the required length to reinforce the warning message and encourage everyone to take another route.

Temporary access prevention

Choose Your Seton 360 Floor Stand

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3 Item(s)

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Set Ascending Direction

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