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Introducing the Seton Speed Bump

Seton Speed Bump in use on a public road

A revolutionary speed bump designed to last!

Introducing a modular speed bump that stays in place and lasts longer.

Our pioneering speed bump has a brightly colored interlocking chevron design that captures attention and limits movement. A reinforcing rail system increases strength and stability.

The novel ground-fixing rail system and bolt heads lock this plastic speed bump in place to resist dragging and deformation from repeated use.

Improve safety across your facility by using the speed bump with a unique rail system that absorbs pressure and increases longevity.

Covered by: Pat No. D893331S, Pat No. D893332S

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Revolutionizing Traffic Management

Super Strong

Innovative rail system to reduce crush risk

Highly Durable

Interlocking chevron design to reduce movement

Easy to Install

Quick and simple to install

Cost Effective

Competitive pricing for a market leading product

Hold Fast Technology

Eliminates damage to speed bump

Color Contrast

Lifetime guarantee on color fade with full color and recycled plastic options

Easy to Order Kits

Everything you need to order in one place

See the Seton Speed Bump in Action:

Seton Speed Bump in action
Test drive the Seton Speed Bump

What Speed Bump Customers Want

From our extensive market research*, we know existing speed bumps are not up to "speed." Customers have told us what aspects are very important to them in a speed bump:

easy to install

So we Created an Innovative New Design

  • Innovative ground fixing rail system

    Significantly reduces deformation and distortion by enabling the bolt heads to be as close to the parking lot surface as possible, greatly reducing the risk of movement. Leads to a reduction in lifting from the ground compared to direct fixing to the ground.

  • World first

    Interlocking chevron design reduces movement.

  • Pioneering features

    Use of upright steel rails to improve lateral drag resistance.

  • Ready to buy kits

    To take away the complexity of ordering, you can choose one of our tailor made kits, with everything you need to assemble your speed bump. All you need to know to place an order is length, speed and the ground type you require.

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Example of Speed Bump Product

Our Expertise

The Seton logo

With over 60 years experience in manufacturing and distributing health and safety and facilities management solutions, we knew that current products have low durability and are often poor quality. This is causing major problems for motorists, 25% suffer vehicle damage**.

We wanted to develop a solution to these problems, providing businesses and organizations with private parking lots a viable alternative.

After extensive research, our Seton Speed Bump provides the ultimate traffic management solution for private parking lots.

Select your Speed Bump Kit

large 10 miles per hour speed limit sign
Speed Bump Kit
includes our innovative ground fixing system
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small 10 miles per hour speed limit sign
Speed Bump Kit
with standard fixings
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*Data taken from a survey of 68 existing Seton customers   **Survey by Churchill Car Insurance

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