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No Smoking Marijuana Signs

Restrict or prohibit marijuana use in and around your facility in compliance with specific state marijuana laws

Countries and local governments around the world have begun to legalize marijuana, but at the federal level, marijuana is illegal in the United States. There are varying medical and recreational marijuana laws by state, but the vast majority of businesses throughout the country prohibit marijuana usage in and around their facilities for the obvious health and safety concerns that smoking presents.

If your company needs to specifically inform employees, visitors, or any personnel that marijuana smoking is strictly prohibited at your facility, we recommend posting a No Smoking Marijuana sign to professionally and effectively convey the message. Ideal for schools, colleges, public parks, office buildings, warehouses, production centers, restaurants, bars, and any other public location that does not allow the use of marijuana, these signs feature bold text and easy to identify graphic symbols that visually illustrate that marijuana usage is not allowed. Choose from a variety of text legends like Marijuana Smoking Prohibited, Thank You for Not Smoking Marijuana On These Premises, and All Forms of Smoking Prohibited in This Workplace.

As always, it’s best to stay up to date on your state’s specific no smoking laws and marijuana usage laws, as they may be continually updated for relevance. For signs that prohibit other forms of smoking, browse our selection of No Vaping & E-Cigarette Signs.

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