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Flagging Tape, Flags & Pennants

Mark trees, utility lines, stakes or hazardous areas

Flagging Tape is easy to tear and tie to any item you want to visually identify. Choose Flagging Tape in durable plastic or biodegradable that breaks down over time. Flags come in a variety of sizes and colors. Choose Blank Marking Flags, pre-printed Marking Flags or Custom Marking Flags that allow you to add your own company name or special message. Safety Pennants are a great way to call attention to hazardous areas or to simply promote your business or special event.

Flagging Tape, Flags & Pennant Finder

31 Products

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    Custom Printed Marking Flags

    Pack of 1000 Each
  • Marking Flags - Buried Sewer Line

    Pack of 100 Each
  • Marking Flags - Buried Gas Line

    Pack of 100 Each
  • Marking Flags - Buried Water Line

    Pack of 100 Each
  • Blank Marking Flags - Steel Rod

    Pack of 100 Each
  • Plastic Flagging Tape

    Starting at $3.22
    Roll of 150 Feet
  • Permalight Anti-Slip Tape

    Starting at $85.60
  • Biodegradable Flagging Tape

    Starting at $2.10
    Roll of 100 Feet
  • Marking Flags - Buried Cable

    Pack of 100 Each
  • Fluorescent Tape

    Roll of 30 Feet
  • Toolboard Tape

    Roll of 60 Feet
31 Products

Grid List

Tapes from Seton are great for various purposes, including barricading restricted areas, designating walkways, sealing boxes and cartons and more. Barricade tapes identify dangerous or hazardous areas and are used to prevent accidents.

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