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ToughStripe Floor Tape

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Supplied in: Roll of 100 Feet
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Quick Overview

ToughStripe floor marking tape is the toughest tape in the market. This heavy duty floor tape can withstand high traffic areas and has various applications, yet is easy to apply.

Product Details

  • All the guidance you need is provided below. If you need further assistance, please call 1-888-982-5132 and one of our product experts will guide you to the right solution.
  • What is the material for ToughStripe? Brady ToughStripe is made of a tough, industrial-strength and nonabrasive polyester, durable enough to weather high traffic areas and even forklift traffic. It also has a low-profile design that minimizes tears and scratches from skids and pallet jacks.
  • What color do you need? ToughStripe comes in 10 different colors options, each conveying different messages to your employees. Refer to the table below to choose which color is most suitable for your requirements.
  • Yellow: Aisle ways, traffic lanes and work cells
  • White: Equipment and fixtures (workstations, carts, floor stand displays, racks, etc.) not otherwise color coded
  • Blue, Green and/or Black: Materials and components, including raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods
  • Orange: Materials or product held for inspection
  • Red: Defects, scrap, rework and red tag areas
  • Red & White: Areas to be kept clear for safety/compliance reasons (e.g., areas in front of electrical panels, firefighting equipment and safety equipment such as eyewash stations, safety showers and first aid stations.)
  • Black & White: Areas to be kept clear for operational purposes (not related to safety and compliance)
  • Black & Yellow: Areas that may expose employees to special physical or health hazards
  • What Roll width do you need?Roll widths of 2", 3" and 4" are available for ToughStripe, meeting the minimum 2" width requirement of OSHA. All compliant, 2" is the most popular but the larger sizes may be preferred for certain areas as these are more noticeable.


Technical Information