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Pavement Marking Tape

Efficiently guide motorists to safety with pavement markings

Pavement markings provide an effective way to designate traffic lanes as well as to lead motorists away from dangerous road obstructions. Aside from putting up road and traffic signs, Pavement Marking Tapes are best used in providing critical information and guide drivers while on the road. Here at Seton, we carry a wide array of pavement markers including reflective pavement markers and pavement marking tape that help boost road safety while complying with strict MUTCD requirements. Our pavement marking tapes are manufactured from foil-backed vinyl and coated with a mixture of sand and retroreflective beads for increased traction and visibility. Available in yellow and white, these tapes are guaranteed durable and highly recommended for use in heavily travelled areas.

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  • Economy Pavement Marking Tape

    Roll of 150 Feet
  • Permalight Anti-Slip Tape

    Starting at $85.60
  • Solid Exterior Warning Tape

    Starting at $3.00
  • Exterior Vinyl Warning Tape

    Starting at $3.75
  • Pavement Marking Tape

    Starting at $298.89
  • Rumble Strips

    Roll of 96 Feet
13 Products

Grid List

What you need to know before choosing your pavement marking tapes
Pavement markings provide efficient visual warnings for both motorists and pedestrians. Pavement Marking Tapes come in a variety of colors that are used to denote a special meaning to motorists. For example, yellow tapes are used to separate traffic lanes that are going in opposite directions while white tapes are used to separate lanes going in the same direction. MUTCD also requires pavement markings to be at least 4" to 6" inches wide and must have a reflective feature to make sure that these can still be visible during night. At Seton, we aim to provide you with a variety of choices to fit specific requirements. We carry MUTCD approved temporary and permanent pavement marking tapes to meet all your application needs.
Boost indoor safety with pavement markings and anti-slip tapes
Slippery, wet floors, and dark corridors usually add up to workplace accident and injury rates. Protect your employees from these kinds of accidents by adding an extra blanket of safety in your facility. Seton carries a wide selection of reflective floor markers and anti-slip tapes that are effective even during power outage. These anti-slip vinyl tapes provide a structured and gritty surface that will keep feet from sliding even on wet areas.

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