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Shine is the second step in the 5S program

Now that you're on your way to a 5S compliant facility, the next step in the process is shine. During this stage of the 5S checklist you clean all work areas and environments. Cleaning isn't just for physical appearances; the goal is to eliminate contamination as well as standardize work areas. This helps to notice abnormalities before they lead to larger issues. At Seton, we have everything you need to shine your facility, including utility carts designed to haul your unnecessary items out of the way with ease. Choose from among tilt trucks in five different sizes that are arc welded and reinforced for optimum durability.

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9 Products

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The second stage of the 5S system is shine.
After you have sorted your facility, the next step in the 5S checklist is to shine everything up. During this step, workers are encouraged to clean up their workplaces. Using guidelines from visual workplace, meaning a place for everything and everything in its place, workers can organize their workstations so they can clearly see everything and be able to get important items easily and quickly. Shining also eliminates contaminants and also brings attention to potential abnormalities that could grow into larger defects.
Shine up your facility using a variety of products from Seton.
At Seton, we have everything you need to help shine up any facility. We offer a variety of durable utility carts that are multi-purpose; use them to move items around your facility to make a better visual workplace, or they can be used to remove undesired items or contaminants. You can also pick up Pallet Rack Trash Bags, which are hanging, reusable trash bags. Made from waterproof polyester, these bags are ideal for packing materials and other dry garbage.
Comply with 5S today by adding some shine to your workplace.

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