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Use Kanban a part of your lean manufacturing process

Kanban is the process by which workers start to work on and finish projects, and it is often used in conjunction with lean manufacturing. The focus of lean is to get waste out of the supply chain, and the main principal behind Kanban is to move projects, or stories, through the various stages of development. Use a Kanban Station to keep track of the stories going on in your facility. This lean technique helps your facility become more productive because it also emphasizes the importance of validation. The idea is that it's just as important to validate your final product as it is to actually finish.

2 Products

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  1. Kanban Tags

    Increase productivity with easily implemented kanban tags

    Pack of 50 Each


  2. Kanban Station

    Kanban boards are essential for an effective Kanban & Pull System



2 Products

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Use Kanban around your facility to increase productivity.
Kanban is a lean technique that helps move projects, or stories, from being just ideas to fully complete. There are four parts to Kanban:

The backlog where all the items that need to be completed live,
The items that are currently being worked on, or in progress,
Items that are completed, and
Testing completed stories to see how they perform in the real world.

Use Kanban Cards to help your workers move stories along the Kanban path. These cards are designed to record the movement of materials through the Kanban process, which helps increase productivity. In fact, the word "Kanban" in Japanese has been loosely translated to mean, "card you can see."
You can also use a Kanban Station to keep track of all the stories in your facility.
Use Kanban or other lean manufacturing processes to help you facility decrease waste and increase productivity.

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