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Stamp Sets

Stamp letters and numbers into tough surfaces with a simple tap

Putting numbers, words or letters on surfaces like leather or plastic can now be done easily with the use of stamp sets and a simple tapping device. Create words or number sequences on items you want to mark with the help of these steel stamping devices. Simply put the stamp on top of the item with the letter or number face down and tap with a hammer to leave the mark.

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2 Products

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Marking and labeling leather, plastic and other similar products are easily done with stamp sets.

Steel stamp sets from Seton can help you lower costs since you won't need to have numbers, letters or words engraved on your leather, plastic or soft metal items by an outside source. You can do this task yourself and pretty easily too. Choose from stamp sets with letters and numbers in them or select one that only has numbers for your serial number stamping needs.

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