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Label Holders

Use Label Holders as durable shields to protect and display labels

Label Holders are easy to use and enable employees to locate and identify materials quickly. When labeling shelves, choose Shelf Labeling Strips, Wire Shelf Labels or Holdex Shelf Label Holders. For all other Label Holder needs, choose SuperScan Extra Large Label Holders or Slip-Strip Label Holding Systems.

4 Products

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  1. Slip-Strip Label Holding System

    Slip-strip is the most versatile label-holding system ideal for all rack and shelving applications
    Starting at $24.88

    Pack of 350 Labels

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  2. Holdex Shelf Labels and Holders

    Use Holdex clear labels to classify objects
    Starting at $12.50

    Box of 12 Each

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  3. Aigner Shelf Labeling Strips LI2120

    Labeling is made quick and easy with labeling strips

    Pack of 1000 Labels


  4. Label Holders For Wire Shelves

    Label wire shelving quickly and easily with these label holders
    Starting at $17.72

    Pack of 25 Each

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4 Products

Grid List

Label Holders are handy items for holding and protecting labels that are affixed to equipment, tools, shelving and more.
Within your facility is most likely a number of places where you have attached various labels to identify pieces of equipment and other items. Label Holders are durable shields used to protect and display those labels. Seton carries Shelf Labeling Holders And Strips, Holdex Shelf Labels and Holders, Slip-Strip Label Holding System and more.

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