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Biohazard Stickers

Protect people from exposure to harmful biological substances and waste

Across various industries in the United States, people are often exposed to hazardous materials. Ensure that your facility adequately labels and disposes of these materials with the help of Seton’s Biohazard Stickers. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the federal body that oversees workplace conditions, has implemented a set of storage and transportation requirements for biohazards. OSHA requires that all containers and areas that store biohazardous substances are properly indicated with appropriate labeling. The warning should include the universal biohazard symbol, along with the word ‘Biohazard.’ Properly label containers, contaminated waste or laundry, and any container used to store biohazardous materials with Seton’s Biohazard Stickers. Choose from among our many biohazard stickers to suit your needs.

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  • Biohazard Labels

  • Biohazard Labels

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Ensure that all those who come into contact with biohazards in your facility are kept safe.

Biohazard stickers are used for marking items considered to be biohazards. Biohazards, as the term indicates, are substances that present serious health and safety risks. These are hazardous not just to those who handle them directly, but also to those who get exposed to these unknowingly. These substances include human waste, blood, and other similar substances that may carrry dangerous microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Make sure that these substances are properly identified to help increase care in handling, which in turn can prevent accidental spills and possible contamination during disposal. Label these containers using Seton’s Biohazard Stickers.

Comply with federal regulations and keep people protected against contaminants.

Proper identification of the areas where these are stored with the use of Biohazard decals should be done the right way. These stickers must be prominently displayed in holding areas that store biohazards, warning of the dangers these bring and restricting unauthorized access. Understandably, any area where biohazards are present must be accessible only by authorized persons. Make sure that your establishment’s biohazard areas are easy to identify with prominent markings, and at the same time, are locked down to prevent access by people not equipped to handle such substances. These warnings shoud be posted at the entrance of these storage units and in work areas that are known to hold biohazards.

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