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Fire & Exit Signs

Use fire and exit signs to guide people to emergency exits

Fire signs and exit signs display information that tell people where they should go during fires and other emergencies. Seton offers hundreds of fire extinguisher signs, fire sprinkler signs, evacuation signs and other fire and exit signs that show everyone the shortest and quickest route to exit your facility. Our fire and exit signs come in many different designs that are made to suit your specific needs. You can find glow in the dark stairwell signs, illuminated fire and exit signs and a wide variety of fire extinguisher signs in our collection.

Click here to view the Fire & Exit Evacuation Checklist.

Fire & Exit Sign Finder

Fire and exit signs provide your employees with the means to find the nearest exits quickly and with as little confusion as possible.

Buildings and facilities are required by law to have easy-to-see and easy-to-understand directions that show the way to the nearest emergency exits. To help you meet these requirements, Seton offers a variety of fire signs and exit signs, as well as fire extinguisher signs, evacuation signs, and much more. Not only will a fire sign or an exit sign can you maintain a compliant facility, they also help prevent injuries and even deaths.

We offer an extensive line of fire and exit signs, including fire lane signs and stairwell signs, in a variety of sizes and materials. We also offer luminous finishes that make your fire or exit message clear even in less-than-optimal conditions.

Keep people safe with the help of well placed fire and exit signs around your facility.