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Eye Care

First aid supplies for proper eye care

Injuries to the eye, if left untreated can result in diminished vision or even blindness, both of which can affect not only one’s ability to make a living, but also one’s overall quality of life. It’s for these reasons that OSHA requires eye protection ppe be provided to personnel performing tasks that can damage eyes. However, it’s also wise to be prepared for any accidents to the eyes. Eye care kits are specialized first aid kits designed for quick treatment of eye injuries.

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Injuries to the eye should be dealt with immediately as delaying first aid can potentially result in permanent damage. There are generally 3 injuries to the eye, as well as the proper eye care for each:
Trauma - apply a cold compress without placing pressure; take an analgesic for the pain; seek medical attention if there is bleeding, vision change, bruising or if there is pain accompanying eye movement.
Chemical splashes - irrigate the eye for at least 15 minutes with lots of water; seek medical attention; do not rub or bandage the eye.
Foreign particles or objects - never rub the eyes; irrigate to remove the particle or object; if an object has penetrated the eye, do not remove, lightly bandage around the object and seek medical attention.

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