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Forklift Alert Systems

Convenient safety systems for reducing forklift accidents

Forklift Alert Systems are designed to raise employee awareness and avoid collisions in warehouses and similar other facilities. Seton offers several forklift safety products designed specifically for use in loading docks, overhead doors, blind corners and intersections, as well as other areas typically associated with near-misses and collisions.
Learn how to protect employees against forklift hazards

Download Our Forklift Safety Checklist here

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  • Hall Door Monitor with Sensor

    Starting at $826.95
  • Worker Alert System

    Starting at $509.95
22 Products

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Forklift alert systems serve as important tools in a comprehensive forklift safety management. These safety plans should incorporate several safety points, such as:

- Keep the work area well-lit and free of obstructions.
- Restrict unauthorized entry to areas where forklifts are in use.
- Keep pedestrian and forklift traffic separate with designated pathways.
- Avoid walking near or beneath raised forks.
- Avoid speeding and driving in areas with high pedestrian traffic.
- Keep drivers aware of other personnel in the area. Workers should use high-visibility gear and make eye contact whenever possible.
- Forklift horns should be sounded at intersections.
- Stack loads in such a way that keeps the driver's view unimpaired.

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