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Bloodborne Pathogen Kits and Cleanup Kits

Bloodborne Pathogen Kits and Cleanup Kits are a must have for any facility dealing with dangerous substances and diseases

These specialized safety and first aid kits contain all the first aid supplies you need to handle most emergencies such as cleaning up biohazard spills, protecting one’s self from infected individuals, and even handling a flu outbreak. So take the guess work and effort out of assembling your own kits and pick up a premade one and be assured that you’ll be ready when an emergency happens.

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  • ANSI & OSHA Compliance Package

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9 Products

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When dealing with bloodborn pathogens and disease outbreaks, it is important that you have everything you need since you might not have the time to run out and buy supplies. Now customizing the perfect pathogen kit for can be a time consuming and costly affair. Not to mention, if you accidentally leave something out, you might find out at the worst possible time: when you need it. Commercially available bloodborne pathogen kits and cleanup kits come in a number of configurations - from 2 person kits to bulk kits - effectively removing the guesswork it takes to put one together. While we recommend getting the best safety gear money can buy, why spend more than necessary by manually assembling a kit? Order a pre-made safety kit today and save yourself both time and money.

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