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CCTV Warning Signs

Simple and effective means of protecting your property

With the increased use of ‘spy cameras’ comes the use of CCTV Warning Signs. These warning signs are used in conjunction with CCTV cameras to inform possible lawbreakers that any activity will be caught on camera. Such a ploy usually deters these individuals almost as well as the presence of the actual cameras. Notify potential trespassers and criminals that you are serious about crime prevention. Choose the best CCTV warning signs from Seton for your needs. Use them along with your CCTV camera system and proactively prevent crimes by scaring them from doing so with the threat of recorded evidence. These cameras can also help in catching perpetrators, however prevention is way better than a cure. Aside from crime prevention, using these warning signs protects you from liabilities and potential lawsuits. These signs give due notice to other people in the area that video and audio recording devices are in use.

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Make sure your facility has a heightened sense of security.

Potential buyers of surveillance systems should ask themselves the question: ‘What is the goal of my security system?’ If the answer is to prevent crime, then posting warning signs along with a relatively simple system may be the best choice. Deter unauthorized entry and criminal activity in ad around your facility with the help of the best CCTV Warning Signs from Seton. You can even opt to forgo the installation of a surveilance system if your budget cannot cover it. Simply installing video surveillance warning signs can sometimes be as effective as having the cameras themselves. Some people post these signs while using a dummy camera set, or even when their surveillance system is entirely non-existent and these still work real well in preventing crime.

Prevent unauthorized access to your establishment without breaking any privacy rights.

There are no regulations that require the posting of warning signs when the area in question is a public setting. Federal laws, however, prohibit hidden cameras in places such as bathrooms, locker rooms, hotel rooms, and similar areas with reduced public access. For work environments that require a certain degree of security, employment contracts require employees to consent to camera surveillance. To reinforce and protect that agreement, management should provide warning signs to inform people that cameras are installed in the area. CCTV signs also allow management to argue that anyone caught on camera was given advance warning. Protect your premises legally, without violating privacy with the help of these CCTV warning signs.

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